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I am quite an emotional kind of guy and have to hide the odd tear at weddings anyway, but Lucy and Dan's Wedding at Northbrook Park really got to me.

It was my Birthday, the speeches were just finishing when Dan stood back up, thanked me for shooting on my birthday and got everyone to stand up and sing Happy Birthday to me. If that wasn't enough the caterers bought out a white chocolate Birthday Cake complete with candles!

At that point i started to choke up and had to hide behind my camera to hide the tears!

There was a little cake confusion later on in the evening and my cake got cut up with the wedding cake and handed out to all of the guests. When I went round a couple of weeks later to give Lucy and Dan the Digital Negatives, Proofs and signature mount they had an identical replacement cake waiting for me.

I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for making what was already a fantastic day extra special. I really appreciate it!!


At least I wasn't the only one!

Cake 1 of 2

 Congratulations and Thank you


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