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A diary of my work (and more) which will hopefully give you you an insight into my clients and my photography. I'd love to hear your feedback so please feel free to leave comments at the end of each post.

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Surrey Wedding Photography, Amanda & Rob, Pembroke Lodge, Richmond

Surrey Wedding Photography, Pembroke Lodge Wedding

I only met Amanda and Rob in person for the first time on Thursday this week. They had managed to organize the whole wedding from Australia, a difficult enough task on it's own but even tougher when you consider they had also organized their first wedding in Australia for last Saturday! Oh and did I mention they did all this in 10 weeks!

As you may have gathered from above Amanda & Rob were actually married on the previous Saturday on a beach in Australia. Then they hopped on a plane and arrived in London on Wednesday. They then had two days to recover from the 25 hour fight, the surprise impromptu stag night, and of course finalize all of the arrangements for their Pembroke Lodge wedding.

Lots of lovely moments during the day: Aurora the flower girl picking up the petals instead of dropping them, the beautiful humanist ceremony, Amanda being tripped on on her grand entrance to the wedding breakfast, Rob's Dad's hilarious speech, Rob's brilliant poem highlighting the differences in Oz, to name but a few!

A brillant day, Thank you!


Here's a few of the images from their Pembroke Lodge Weddding day:

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Surrey Wedding Photography, Jenny & Paul's pre wedding photography, Little Frensham

Surrey Wedding Photography, northbrook Park Wedding

Jenny & Paul had a meeting at Northbrook last week to go over the final details of their wedding day, so we arranged to meet up afterwards for the pre wedding shoot and meeting at Little Frensham Pond. Just a few miles from Northbrook Park, it's a beautiful location at any time of year but in September the heather is out in all it's glory and the leaves are just beginning to change to their Autumn colours. A beautiful morning and great company, thanks! Really looking forward to the wedding day!

Here's a few images from our mornings walk:

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Hampshire Wedding Photography, Claire & David, Highfield Park, Hook

Hampshire Wedding Photography, Highfield Park Wedding

I had the very great pleasure of photographing Claire and David's fabulous Highfield Park Wedding. It was one of those days where nobody was quite sure about what the weather was going to do so the decision whether to have the ceremony out in the Gazebo or within the hotel was left as late as possible. The decision was finally made and fortuneantely, it proved to be the right one as the weather was just perfect!

Here's a few images form their fabulous day:

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Berkshire Wedding Photography, Rebecca & Paul, Wasing Park, Aldermaston

Berkshire Wedding Photography, Wasing Park Wedding

Rebecca & Paul were married at the wonderful Wasing Park in Aldermaston, Berkshire. Rebecca, Paul and her Mum had obviously put so much thought and effort into the wedding, from the table decorations to the hot air balloons and homemade lollypops, everything looked fabulous. Please take a second to have a look at the table decorations and sweet table pictures:

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Oxfordshire Wedding Photography, Sophia & Matthew, The Five Arrows, Waddesdon

Oxfordshire Wedding Photography, The Five Arrows

I first Matthew and Sophia when Matthew was one of the two best men for Kye & Elaine's wedding which I photographed in Cornwall a few years ago. So it was fantastic  to receive an email from South Korea (where they now live) asking if I was free to photograph their wedding at The Five Arrows in Waddesdon.

The wedding was a beautiful blend of Koren and Western culture. Sophia's fabulously colourful dress was traditional Korean as were many of the outfits of her relatives who had flown over specially for the wedding.

Here are a few images from the day:

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Surrey Wedding Photography, Lucy & Mark, The Lensbury, Teddington

Surrey Wedding Photography, The Lensbury

It's not very often I start a wedding blog talking about trousers, but on this occasion I feel I have to! The father of the bride, Peter, forgot his! We all thought he was kidding when he told us, but no, he really wasn't. I've lent out ties and cufflinks before but never my trousers, but I could see how stressed Peter was getting so decided I'd make the ultimate sacrifice and offer mine!! (Did I mention I take a spare pair to all weddings?).

Anyway his trousers arrived at the church and he was able to change in time for the ceremony, they even got a mention in the sermon!

It was a fabulous day, with the ceremony at Whitton Church followed by a fantastic reception at the Lensbury. Here's a few images from Lucy and Mark's Teddington Wedding:

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Hampshire Wedding Photography, Emma & Mark, Warbrook House, Eversley

Berkshire Wedding Photography, Warbrook House

Emma & Mark were married at St Giles in Reading before a wonderful wedding reception at the beautiful Warbrook House near Eversley in Hampshire. I met Emma while she was getting ready at Warbrook in the morning. Many of their guests were staying there so Emma & Mark had organised a vintage bus from Ages Past to take the guest to the church in Reading. We were hoping to do a few a group shots at  St Giles but the torrential rain made us change our minds pretty quick and head straight back to Warbrook. Not before getting a few great shots with the umbrellas!

Here are a few images from Emma & Mark's wonderful Warbrook House wedding: 

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Surrey Wedding Photography, Lucy and Mark, The Thames, Twickenham

Surrey Wedding Photography, The Lensbury

Mark & Lucy's wedding at the Lensbury is approaching fast so we met up in Twickenham on Saturday morning for the pre wedding shoot and after, to go through all the details of their big day over a cup of coffee. They suggested meeting up in Twickenham by the River and walking up to York House for the shoot, I've not been here before but it's a great location and I'll definitley be coming back again! Here's a few images from our morning walk:

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Berkshire Wedding Photography, Vicky & Ben, Wokefield Park, Reading

Berkshire Wedding Photography, Wokefield Park

I had a ball photographing Vicky and Ben's wedding day at Wokefield Park near Reading in Berkshire. Lots of laughter, lots of tears and lots of fun. A great day! And if that wasn't enough we were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunny day at Wokefield. Here's a few of the images from the day that tell the story of the day:

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Hampshire Wedding Photography, Hannah & Aaron, Rivervale Barn, Yateley

Hampshire wedding photography, Rivervale Barn

Hannah & Aaron were married at the wonderful Rivervale Barn in Yateley in Hampshire. Always a great wedding venue to shoot at but at this time of year Rivervale barn is exceptional. There is so much colour in the gardens it's just beautiful. Flowers played a big part in Hannah and Aaron's day, Hannah's close friend Gregor is a florist and he incorporated flowers from family gardens to give that extra personal touch.

Take a look at the cakes too, instead of a single wedding cake, guests made and contributed about a dozen different cakes, what a fantastic idea!

Here's a few images from what was a fantastic day, thank you:

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Northbrook Park Wedding Photography, Nicola & Josh, Farnham, Surrey

Surrey Wedding Photography, Northbrook Park, Farnham

I had an excellent time photographing Nicola and Josh's gorgeous wedding day at Northbrook Park, near Farnham in Surrey, (one of my favourite surrey wedding venues). The weather was a little mixed, and just as we were photographing Nicola and Josh we had a hale storm. It's at those moments I realize how little hair there is on top of my head, those hale stones really hurt! Wasn't long before the sun came out again and the umbrella made for some great shots! I feel I have to say something about the cake too: Josh proposed to Nicola in Paris at the Sacré-Cœur so as well as fitting into the travel theme of the day they had a Sacré-Cœur cake (made by CakeyPiggs). Anyway, here's a few pictures from Nicola and Josh's Northbrook Park wedding

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Berkshire Wedding Photography, Caley & Oli, All Saints, Marlow, Boulters Lock, Maidenhead

Berkshire Wedding Photography, All Saints, Marlow, Boulters Lock, Maidenhead

I had the very great pleasure of photographing Caley & Oli's wedding day. My day started with Caley and the bridesmaids at their house in Marlow for the bridal preparations.... there was so much to photograph, lots of personal touches as well as the fabulous Ian Stuart dress.

The ceremony was held at the All Saints Church in Marlow. I left Caley about half an hour before the ceremony to meet Oli and his groomsmen, who had stopped for a quick pre wedding pint, at the pub before walking with them to the church. Caley arrived in a vintage MG (1932 I think ) owned by Oli's dad and driven by Caley's brother. After a beautiful ceremony the guests boarded "The Georgian"  for scones and drinks and headed off to Boulters Lock whilst we stopped on Marlow bridge for a few shots before heading to Cookham to join everyone on the boat.

It was a brilliant day, lots of fun & laughter as well as few happy tears. Caley and Oli wanted a day that was all about their family and friends and they definitley succeeded.

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Hampshire Wedding Photography, Hannah & Aaron, Morgaston Woods, Basingstoke

Hampshire Wedding Photography, Rivervale Barn

Hannah and Aaron chose Morgaston woods for their pre wedding shoot but are getting married in a few weeks time at Rivervale Barn in Yateley, Hampshire. Hannah was a bridesmaid at Lucy and Dan's wedding which I photographed almost exactly 3 years ago at Nortbrook Park so it's a real honour to have the opportunity to photograph her wedding too!

It was a real pleasure meeting up at Morgaston, the weather, for once, was gorgeous and it finally felt like spring in Hampshire!

Here's a few images form our mornings walk:

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Surrey Wedding Photography, Jacqui & James, Pre Wedding Photography at Painshill Park, Cobham

Surrey Wedding Photography, Pennyhill Park

Jacqui & James are getting married in Church in Cobham with thier wedding reception at the wonderful Pennyhill Park Hotel near Bagshot in Surrey. We met for the pre wedding shoot on an unusually sunny morning at Painshill Park, Painshill offers some beautiful locations for photography so I always enjoy visiting.

Here's a few images from our morning shoot:

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Hampshire Wedding Photography, Henri & Matt's Wedding. The Elvetham, Hartley Wintney

Hampshire Wededing Photography, The Elvetham Hotel

Henri & Matt were married at the Elvetham Hotel near Hartley Wintney in Hampshire. The weather was absolutely freezing, but I don't think I've been to a wedding with more warmth and laughter, particularly from the bride & groom! I'm sure you'll see that, and maybe a few tears in the photographs below. Thanks for a fantastic day!

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Surrey Newborn Photography, Alfie

Surrey Newborn Photography

I photographed Sarah and Ben's fabulous winter wedding day in December 2011 at Pembroke Lodge, so it was extra special to receive a call from Ben asking if I could fit in photographing their newborn baby boy Alfie "this week". I arrived pretty much at Alfie's feed time so I got started straight away and took a few pictures of him and his mum having his milk and a cuddle. I just love the way he stares right into his mum's eyes! His lunch made him very sleepy so we put his hat on and carried on taking more pictures.

Here's a few images from the session:

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Berkshire Pre Wedding Photography, Caley & Oli, Boulters Lock, Maidenhead

Boulters Lock Wedding Photography

Caley & Oli are to be married in April at the All Saints Church in Marlow before taking a cruise up the Thames to thier reception at the lovely Boulters Lock Restaurant in Maidenhead. We met up yesterday for the pre wedding shoot and to chat through the wedding day in detail, they have a fabulous day planned and I'm looking forward to it already!

Here's a preview of the images we took at Boulters Lock yesterday:

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Berkshire Pre Wedding Photography, Becky & Paul, Caversham Court, Reading Berkshire

Wasing Park Wedding Photography

Becky & Paul are getting married later this year at the Chapel in Wasing Park near Aldermaston in Hampshire but chose Caversham Court for their pre wedding shoot. It was an obvious choice for them really. Not only is it a 5 minute walk from home for them but Paul popped the big question sitting on one of the benches featured in the shots below.

Here's a few images from our mornings walk in Caversham Court and along the Thames:

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Hampshire Wedding Photography, Henri & Matt's pre wedding shoot. The Elvetham, Hartley Wintney

The Elvetham Hotel Wedding

Henri & Matt are getting married in March at the Elevetham Hotel and chose to do their pre wedding shoot here too. the Elvetham is a fabulous wedding venue and I'm excited about the wedding already!

I'm sure he won't mind me saying but Matt was, initially, a little uncomfortable about having his picture taken. He soon relaxed though! Here's a selection of shots from our morning at the Elvetham:

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Cambridgeshire Wedding Photography, Sophie & Tim, Trinity House, Cambridge

Trinity House, Cambridge, Wedding

Sophie & Simon were married at Trinity House in the City Centre of Cambridge on the Saturday before Christmas. It's a beautiful venue steeped in history and culture.

I got into Cambridge pretty early and popped in to Trinity House to see how things were going with Tim who was busy with his 'Team' setting up, before heading to see Sophie who was getting ready at her Mum's in Cambridge.

Cambride City centre is a pedestrian zone during the day so Sophie's taxi had to drop us off 5 minutes walk away from Trinity Hall, it was great seeing the reactions of the christmas shoppers to Sophie as we walked through the busy Cambridge streets.

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