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A diary of my work (and more) which will hopefully give you you an insight into my clients and my photography. I'd love to hear your feedback so please feel free to leave comments at the end of each post.

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Northbrook Park Wedding Photography, Jenny & Paul, Farnham, Surrey

Surrey Wedding Photography, Northbrook-Park-wedding<

Jenny & Paul were married at Northbrook Park near Farnham in Surrey. I'm not going to say anything about the weather, but you'll get a clue to what it was like by how many times umbrellas feature in the photographs during the course of their wedding day.

I caught up with Jenny in the cottages at Northbrook where she was getting ready with her mum and bridesmaid. It was all going so well, but she did end up running a little bit late,  It's the  first time I've ever had to help a bride get dressed, but we got their in the end and Jenny looked gorgeous.... Paul had to wait a few minutes, but I think he was probably expecting that.

The ceremony was full of emotion, both of them were in tears as she arrived. I love that moment when a bride & groom see each other for the 1st time on the wedding day, I let a few tears go behind my camera.

Due to the rain we decided to do all of the family and friends shots indoors, (the Vyne room at Northbrook, with plenty of natural light is great for this) before grabbing the umbrella and heading out into the beautiful but slightly wet grounds for some shots of Jenny & Paul.

Next up was the Tea Ceremony, and Chinese Lion Dance, which was just brilliant. It's the first time I've see one live and was amazed how much expression they manage tp convey.

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Surrey wedding photography, Dongying & Apostolos, Pembroke Lodge, Richmond

Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photography

Dongying and Apostolos were actually married back in May this year, but wanted to celebrate thier wedding with their families so organised a wedding reception at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park, Surrey. The day was a real mixture of cultures and with Chinese and Greek influences making their mark throughout the day.

Here's a few pictures from the day:

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