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A diary of my work (and more) which will hopefully give you you an insight into my clients and my photography. I'd love to hear your feedback so please feel free to leave comments at the end of each post.

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Northbrook Park Wedding Photography, Jenny & Paul, Farnham, Surrey

Surrey Wedding Photography, Northbrook-Park-wedding<

Jenny & Paul were married at Northbrook Park near Farnham in Surrey. I'm not going to say anything about the weather, but you'll get a clue to what it was like by how many times umbrellas feature in the photographs during the course of their wedding day.

I caught up with Jenny in the cottages at Northbrook where she was getting ready with her mum and bridesmaid. It was all going so well, but she did end up running a little bit late,  It's the  first time I've ever had to help a bride get dressed, but we got their in the end and Jenny looked gorgeous.... Paul had to wait a few minutes, but I think he was probably expecting that.

The ceremony was full of emotion, both of them were in tears as she arrived. I love that moment when a bride & groom see each other for the 1st time on the wedding day, I let a few tears go behind my camera.

Due to the rain we decided to do all of the family and friends shots indoors, (the Vyne room at Northbrook, with plenty of natural light is great for this) before grabbing the umbrella and heading out into the beautiful but slightly wet grounds for some shots of Jenny & Paul.

Next up was the Tea Ceremony, and Chinese Lion Dance, which was just brilliant. It's the first time I've see one live and was amazed how much expression they manage tp convey.

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Surrey Wedding Photography, Jenny & Paul's pre wedding photography, Little Frensham

Surrey Wedding Photography, northbrook Park Wedding

Jenny & Paul had a meeting at Northbrook last week to go over the final details of their wedding day, so we arranged to meet up afterwards for the pre wedding shoot and meeting at Little Frensham Pond. Just a few miles from Northbrook Park, it's a beautiful location at any time of year but in September the heather is out in all it's glory and the leaves are just beginning to change to their Autumn colours. A beautiful morning and great company, thanks! Really looking forward to the wedding day!

Here's a few images from our mornings walk:

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Northbrook Park Wedding Photography, Nicola & Josh, Farnham, Surrey

Surrey Wedding Photography, Northbrook Park, Farnham

I had an excellent time photographing Nicola and Josh's gorgeous wedding day at Northbrook Park, near Farnham in Surrey, (one of my favourite surrey wedding venues). The weather was a little mixed, and just as we were photographing Nicola and Josh we had a hale storm. It's at those moments I realize how little hair there is on top of my head, those hale stones really hurt! Wasn't long before the sun came out again and the umbrella made for some great shots! I feel I have to say something about the cake too: Josh proposed to Nicola in Paris at the Sacré-Cœur so as well as fitting into the travel theme of the day they had a Sacré-Cœur cake (made by CakeyPiggs). Anyway, here's a few pictures from Nicola and Josh's Northbrook Park wedding

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Thanks from Mithi & Chris, Northbrook Park, Farnham, Surrey

Northbrook Park Wedding, Farnham, Surrey

"Dear Jon,

Thank you for the lovely photos of our wedding day.

Funnily enough I used them to make my own thank you cards; what a DIY bride I am 'til the end!

Kindest regards

Mithila & Chris"


Surrey Wedding Photography, Nicola & Josh, Virginia Water

Northbrook Park Wedding Photography

Nicola and Josh are getting married next year at the fabulous Northbrook Park near Farnham in Surrey. Northbrook is fantastic for wedding photography and I'm really looking forward to shooting there again. They chose Virginia Water for the pre wedding shoot, I haven't been there for years so it was and had forgotoon what a good location it is with the waterfall, follies and lake. I'll certainly be suggesting it again as location for a pre wedding shoot!

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Northbrook Park Wedding Photography, Georgie & Rich, Farnham, Surrey

Northbrook Park Wedding Photography

Georgie & Rich were married at Northbrook Park. After the wet start to the summer I'm getting used to shooting in the sunshine again. It was a fabulous day and there's no better venue on a summers day than Northbrook, the gardens looked stunning, and make the ideal venue to enjoy a summer wedding!

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Northbrook Park Wedding Photography, Lucy & Chris, Farnham, Surrey

Northbrook Park wedding photography

Lucy and Chris' wedding day at Northbrook Park was a fabulous day. The weather was changeable but we  swapped things around a little and really appreciated the sun when it did make an appearance.

I've been lucky enough to shoot at Northbrook a few times this year and not only find it amazing how stunning the gardens look each time but how the colours change so much with the seasons. It's such a great place to shoot.

Here's a few images from Lucy and Chris' wedding day at Northbrook Park:

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Northbrook Park Wedding Photography, Mithi & Chris, Farnham, Surrey

Northbrook Park Wedding

There was so much to look forward to with Mithi & Chris' Wedding Day, 180 guests, a church ceremony, a Hindu ceremony, Saree's, Goan Curry for the wedding Breakfast, Cocktails, Hog Roast, a fab band... Plus Mithi and Chris had done so much themselves. They had made all of the invitations, brownies for after the church, "Lazy Susans" for all the tables, the table centers and a whole lot more. Not only did everything look brilliant but all their touches made it personal and very special.

Mithi and Chris' Wedding and Pre Wedding Gallery

Venue: Northbrook Park
Flowers by Lavender Hill
Band: Groove Instinct
Make up and Hair: Colour Technics
Video: From the Hip

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Surrey Wedding Photography, Mithi & Chris, Winkworth Aboretum, Godalming

northbrook Park Wedding

I met up with Mithi and Chris for their pre wedding shoot at the Winkworth Aboretum. By pure coincidence I've been here twice in nearly as many weeks, and it's amazing how much changes in such a short space of time.The blossoms are out in force now and it looked stunning.

Mithi & Chris have a fantastic wedding day planned at Northbrook Park near Farnham in Surrey and I'm really excited at the prospect of photographing it already.

Here's a few images from Winkworth:

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Hampshire Pre Wedding Photography, Georgie & Richard, Basingstoke Memorial Park

Northbrook Park Wedding

I met up with Georgie and Richard for their pre wedding shoot at The Basingstoke Memorial Park, It's the first time I've visited the park but I'll definitely go back there to shoot again, with the spring flowers, woods and skate park there's lots of variety. I even got asked if they were celebrites when we were doing the shots in the skate park.

Georgie and Richard were a pleasure to photograph and I'm really exited about photographing their wedding at Northbrook Park later this year!

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Surrey Wedding Photography, Lucy & Chris's Pre - Wedding Photography

Northbrook Park Wedding

Lucy and Chris chose Pewley Down in Guildford, Surrey for their pre wedding shoot. They live pretty close to it and it sounds like they spend a fair amount of time relaxing here so it seemed fitting to do the engagement shoot here. If you've not visited Pewley Down before it's certainly worth a visit, it's a beautiful place with spectacular views over Guildford!

They are getting married later this year at Northbrook Park near Farnham in Surrey. Northbrook is one of my favourite local venues  (I'm fortunate enough to have a few weddings to photograph there this year) so I'm really excited to be shooting Lucy and Chris's big day.

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Sarah and James' Northbrook Park Wedding Testimonial

northbrook park, surrey wedding photographer

We have finally (only just over 6 months, so not too bad) got round to choosing the photo's for our album. The main problem was you took so many fantastic photos which we have enjoyed going through over and over again that it makes it hard to trim them down! Now that it is several months later it is great to be able to look back at your photo's which perfectly captured all of the main (and minor) parts of the day and caught the mood perfectly. We still get comments on 'what a nice guy the photographer was' and how you were the perfect balance of being part of the wedding and in control without taking over. I can't believe you will ever be short of bookings but we would be delighted to recommend you or give a reference to anyone.

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Northbrook Park Wedding Photography, Carrie & Scott's Wedding Day, Farnham, Surrey

northbrook park wedding

I had the very great pleasure of photographing Carrie & Scott's fabulous wedding day at Northbrook Park near Farnham in Surrey. A little bit of extra pressure for me, as not only is Carrie a close friend but she is also a fabulous photographer.

They had planned a fantastic day at Northbrook with lots of lovely touches and family involvement. Scott's brother did the catering (wow, stunning food!) Auntie Alison sung in the band, Marc Tavener did Caricatures, Devonshire cream Gin & Tonics? Shortbread and Scotch plus lots more!

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Farnham Wedding Photography, Carrie & Scott's Pre Wedding photography, Frensham, Surrey

sussex wedding photography, brighton portrait photography

Carrie & Scott are getting married in November at Northbrook Park near Farnham in Surrey and I have to admit that I'm actually a little scared! Carrie is a wedding photographer too and a vey good one at that, which always adds a little extra pressure.

One thing for sure is that with all of her experience of weddings she'll have a fabulous day planned so whilst I am a little nervous I am also really looking forward to what I am sure will be a fantastic day!

Here's a few of the pictures from our shoot at Little Frensham Pond near Farnham in Surrey:

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Northbrook Park, Sarah & James' Wedding Day 

northbrook park, surrey wedding photographer

It never ceases to amase me how many new original and ideas bride & grooms come up with to make their wedding day individual and personal. It's one of the many reasons why I love being a wedding photographer!  Sarah and James' Wedding day at the wonderful Northbrook Park near Farnham in Surrey was no exception. They had decided on a Monoply theme for the tables and had produced a customised Monoply board as the table plan with each of the tables taking on a street name. To continue the theme a pack was handed out to each table with a "Chance" card, whoever was named on the card had to put on the contents of the pack (chef's hat and apron) and carve their tables joint of beef, have a look at the pictures and you'll get the idea. What agreat way to get everybody involved!

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Pembroke Lodge, Sarah & James' Pre Wedding Photography

Sarah & James are getting married at the stunning Northbrook Park in the beginning of June so we met up for their pre wedding shoot last week. They chose to shoot at Richmond Park, it was a cold and windy morning but we had a great time wandering around the park and Pembroke Lodge's gardens chatting and taking pictures.

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Northbrook Park, Thank you Lucy and Dan

I am quite an emotional kind of guy and have to hide the odd tear at weddings anyway, but Lucy and Dan's Wedding at Northbrook Park really got to me.

It was my Birthday, the speeches were just finishing when Dan stood back up, thanked me for shooting on my birthday and got everyone to stand up and sing Happy Birthday to me. If that wasn't enough the caterers bought out a white chocolate Birthday Cake complete with candles!

At that point i started to choke up and had to hide behind my camera to hide the tears!

There was a little cake confusion later on in the evening and my cake got cut up with the wedding cake and handed out to all of the guests. When I went round a couple of weeks later to give Lucy and Dan the Digital Negatives, Proofs and signature mount they had an identical replacement cake waiting for me.

I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for making what was already a fantastic day extra special. I really appreciate it!!


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Northbrook Park, Lucy & Dan's Wedding Photography

Having photographed Lucy and Dan's engagement shoot a few weeks ago at Fleet Pond in Hampshire, I knew that the Wedding Day would be great fun. I wasn't wrong.

It was a beautiful May day, Northbrook House is a fabulous wedding venue, Lucy looked gorgeous (she didn't stop smiling all day) and their family and friends were lovely!

Lucy and Dan planned loads of little touches that made the day extra special: Dan was surprised when Del Boy arrived to collect him in his Trotters Independant Trading Reliant, Silhouette artist Sarah Goddard of Visage cut a silhoutte for every guest, sparklers, bubbles to name but a few!

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Northbrook Park, Lucy & Dan's Engagement Photography at Fleet Pond

After a few wet and misty shoots the weather has been very kind to me recently, the last 4 weddings and 3 engagement shoots have all been on beautiful spring days. Sunday was no exception and it was a real pleasure and loads of fun to be out shooting with Lucy and Dan at Fleet Pond Nature reserve. They very quickly got into the swing of things, and at times, there was just no stopping them (as you can see from the last pic)!

The wedding is at the end of May at Northbrook Park near Farnham in Surrey. Northbrook is an absolutley gorgeous venue and I'm really excited at the prospect of photographing Lucy and Dan's Wedding day.

They have also very kindly PROMISED to buy me a drink for my Birthday which is the same day as the Wedding ..... Thank you!