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A diary of my work (and more) which will hopefully give you you an insight into my clients and my photography. I'd love to hear your feedback so please feel free to leave comments at the end of each post.

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Thanks from Dee & Harry, Taplow House Hotel, Maidenhead

"Dear Jon,

Thank you for doing an amazing job on our wedding day.

Your photos look fantastic and your service was exceptional.  We will be sure to recommend you to everyone and we wish you all the very best for your business.

Thank you again,

Harry and Dee xx"


Berkshire pre Wedding Photography, Dee & Harry, Herschel Park, Slough

Taplow House Hotel Wedding Photography

Dee & Harry are getting married at the beautiful Taplow House Hotel near Maidenhead but chose Herschel Park in Slough for their pre wedding shoot. They used to live near here and often used to walk through the park do it seemed an obvious choice. The wild flowers in the nature reserve were stunning.

Here's a few pictures from their pre wedding photography session:

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Dan & Dani's Wedding Photography, Taplow House, Berkshire

I had the very great pleasure of shooting Dan and Dani's wedding at the Taplow House Hotel, a beautiful venue situated just outside Maidenhead in Berkshire. One of the many things I love about being a wedding photographer is seeing families and friends all coming together to celebrate the wedding day. At Dan & Dani's wedding the strong bond between their families and friends was immediately apparent and made it even more special.

My thanks to everyone, for making me feel so welcome, I had a fantastic time!

Dani & Dan's Engagement Shoot in Windsor, Berkshire


Dan & Dani, Engagement Shoot In Windsor, Berkshire


Dan & Dani are getting married in May at the Taplow House Hotel near Maidenhead in Berkshire. They chose Windsor for their engagement shoot, so we met up on the Long Walk on a beautiful Saturday morning and wandered up through Windsor shooting as we went.

I'm sure Dan and Dani won't mind me saying this, but they were pretty nervous and didn't initially feel particularly comfortable in front of the camera. Infact I think I'd go as far to say that they are the most nervous couple I've shot for some time, but they did brillianty! We had great morning and they soon found out that it's not so hard having your picture taken. I'm pretty sure that they both feel a whole lot more relaxed being photographed now.

This is one of the main reasons why I include an engagement shoot in all of my packages. If you are nervous it gives you a chance to find out how easy it is to relax in front of the camera before the wedding day.

Here's a small selection of the pictures:


 Dani and Dan's Wedding Blog pictures from the Taplow House Hotel near Maidenhead in Berkshire are here: