How does it all work?


Call Jon on 01256 883351 to arrange a sitting, we are available 7 days a week and can do any time during the day and up to early evenings.
If you have a small baby try to work the sitting time round their routines so that baby is fed, had a sleep and hopefully happy :-)

Choose where you want the pictures taken, a studio sessions in Bramley,  a "lifestyle" sessions in your family home or why not out on location.... maybe a woodland walk, a play in the park or splasing around on the beach? 


The session fee should be paid with the booking, we accept cards, direct transfers and checques. Please ask about discounted pricing for prompt orders.

What should we wear?

I sway towards casual, relaxed photographs that express personality so prefer an everyday look rather than anything too formal. Having said that I'd much rather you're all happy, relaxed and comfortable so wear what you want, they’re your pictures!
Other than that, Avoid large bold patterns, children look great in bright colours, hats and scarves always look good. For variation bring along cardigans, jumpers or changes of clothes.

Should we bring anything?

A favourite toy for the little children and if you are comfortable with blackmail, maybe couple of treats. Other than that you don't need to bring anything .

The sitting is done, what happens now?

We need a little time to prepare the photographs, generally about a week. Once they're done we'll give you a call and arrange a time and place to present them to you. Don't worry I promise there is no pressure or any hard sell tactics. If you'd prefer I can proof the images to you in a password protected online gallery.  You then choose your prints, frames or albums and we'll deliver your choices to you within 2-3 weeks.

Will you photoshop my images?

If you want me to yes..... All the images are edited and prepared for viewing but during the final touches stage of editing your ordered images I will as a matter of course clean up runny noses, food, dribbles etc.... there are all sorts of other things I can do too... only if you ask though! For more information please call me.

How many people can we bring?

On lifestyle shoots I have no limits but for groups of more than 8 you will need more than an hour to ensure we get all of the required shots.

In my studio, up to a family of 5 (Mum, Dad and 3 children) is fine. Groups of up to 8 are no problem I would simply hire a local village hall, you will also need more than an hour to ensure we get all of the required shots.

What if things go wrong?

I have had a situation where the children came down with a bug during the sitting, so understanderbly didn't want to co-operate. Please don't worry, if the pictures don't work out, for whatever reason, we'll do a free re-shoot on another day.